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This python3 module is a base for the programming lessons of the Hyrule Astronomy Club. It is not meant to be a comprehensive game building library.

It is however meant (and used) to teach core programming concept to kids from age 6 to 13.


First of all, his module is exclusively compatible with python 3.6+ (f-string rules).

The core concept is that it revolve around the Game object, the Board object and the derivatives of board_items.

Here is an example of what the current version allow to build:
The base game makes use of:
  • The main “game engine” (gamelib.Game.Game)
  • Many different types of structures (from gamelib.Structures), like:
    • Wall (well the walls…),
    • Treasure (gems and money bag),
    • GenericStructure (trees),
    • GenericActionnableStructure (hearts and portals).
  • Game()’s menu capabilities.
  • Player and NPC (from gamelib.Characters)
  • Inventory (from gamelib.Inventory)
  • Player and Inventory stats
  • Simple actuators (gamelib.SimpleActuators) like:
    • RandomActuator (NPCs in level 2),
    • PathActuator (NPCs in level 1).

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